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With more than twenty years experience in the insurance business and over a decade in roofing, Reggie Brock has a unique perspective to share with the roofing and construction industry. The pursuit of intelligence, innovation and imagination are the building blocks of all his coaching, writings and speaking events.


Explore Roofing IQ's coaching and consulting services aimed to dig beneath the surface and allow you to build foundational efficiencies, so you can focus on what you do best: sell and build.

Team Training: Educate & Empower

What's stopping you from being the best in the neighborhood? The answer is you. Leverage our team's industry expertise and proven educational resources to build a more informed and empowered team. Team training delivery method include:

  • Full / Half Day In-Person Coaching

  • Live Team Calls 

  • Host your own training with proven Roofing IQ resources & tools 

Thought Leadership: Watch & Learn

Check out Roofing IQ's take on relevant industry news, updates, and events on our Youtube channel and blog. Explore interviews with other industry experts, tips and tricks to help enhance your business, and more. 

Coaching: The Iceberg Review

Roofing IQ visualizes your business like an iceberg. While many stay fixed on promoting the 10% seen above the surface, few pay attention to the 90% that lies beneath. In the Iceberg Review, we dive into the depths with a comprehensive discovery analysis, including problem area identification and discussion, workflow process charting, and customized dashboard development. This service includes:

  • Job-By-Job Costing Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Tailored Coaching Conversations

  • Business Process Mapping

  • Customized Reports

Speaking Events: Inform the Crowd

Looking to educate a group on the pertinent laws and changes affecting the roofing industry and beyond? Roofing IQ's CEO & Founder, Reggie Brock, shares critical updates and best practices alongside complementary corporate partners.